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Cape 2 Cape


Cape 2 Cape is still a project in early planning stage that will hopefully give me the opportunity to learn more about Africa, the African people and the opportunities modern technologies brings to Africa.

Cape 2 Cape Tour is planned to consist of eight researchers and academic explorers from different backgrounds and countries that will travel from Cape Town to North Cape by car during a period of three months.

The researchers will bring along mobile ICT labs into local communities for inventing, designing, implementing and testing fresh ideas on how ICT can help people to improve their living conditions by the help of advanced, contextual technology.

The application areas of ICT include learning, communication and health, from the viewpoint of safe and environmentally viable living. The project is aligned with intergenerational and intercultural learning: how old and young generations from diverse backgrounds can learn from each other.

One of the challenges is to realize the idea of a travelling university in Africa


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